Recipes and Edible Potions for Immunity

Give your immune system a helping hand by packing it with minerals.


  1. Coconut smoothie

Ingredients: coconut yogurt, milk (we used almond milk), ground turmeric, fresh ginger, baobab powder, ripe banana, honey, oats and ½ a lemon. For a vegan option, use a little maple syrup. This creamy smoothie has a tangy flavor and is high in antioxidants so tip in the ingredients until smooth and blitz if you prefer a cold drink, before you serve. Is it ok to drink it straight away, actually the healthier option, but a pre-prepped one is a better choice than a croissant, although if you do make it the night before the flavors change to a slightly earthier taste.


  1. Health Elixir with turmeric and lemon

Try out our elixir shot with turmeric if you’re a DIY person, as you’ll find recipes like this one that incorporate trendy ginger, raw honey and cayenne for an anti-inflammatory result that will feels soothing during the cold season: fresh ginger sliced, fresh turmeric sliced or dried, ½ lemon, freshly ground pepper, cayenne, salt and raw honey. Merriam-Webster defines it as a magical liquid that can extend life, a miracle cure with proven benefits, so you can make this potion to help you sleep or give you energy, as it is different from teas and juices. Boost your immune system with an elixir by turning some roots into a power shot in the middle of winter, when you’re pushing against the drain from battling the shorter days using a secret weapon that doesn’t have side effects.

  1. Immune Cider

Ingredients: grated horseradish, grated ginger root, onion, garlic mashed, grated turmeric, lemon, cayenne, cinnamon, apple vinegar and honey. Cut the lemon and put it in a glass jar, along with the other ingredients, until you fill the jar, wrap the top with a tissue and store it in a cool place, but don’t forget to shake the mixture after one month period and add honey before you pour it in a bottle with a cork cap. This immune cider will help your immunity, vitalize your body and fight viruses and fungi, and if you choose to prepare this natural potion you ought to know that it’s also good as an immune booster for your system during the winter, for flu prevention.


  1. Ayurvedic Wonder

Kadha could protect you in fighting infections, as it is essentially a drink with herbs that are boiled in water with a variety of spices easily found in a household, therefore it is the most inexpensive remedy for cold and flu, according to the Clinical Operations and Coordination Manager. Kadha is a home remedy to fight infections, a decoction of herbs which can work wonder this monsoon, in case you are enjoying the respite in changing weather. According to the Charak Samhita (Ayurveda), you can consume herbs through Swaras, Kwath, Kalka, Hima (prepared like tea) and Phant (where aromatic herbs are soaked and the valuable nutrients get dissolved), while Kadha is prepared with ingredients dry spices.

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