Amethyst Meaning and Symbolism

It has popular folkloric associations, from spirituality to protection, so you might want to learn more about its symbolism and find some inspiration for your jewelry pieces, as it is elegant and wonderful. Despite its prevalence, amethyst may be found in many places and has a rich history of astonishing civilizations with its saturated beauty, and although in Europe it was a mere decorative emblem, Ancient Romans used it for beads and amulets, placing a high value in this stone, synonymous with luxury. Amethyst is a uniquely powerful crystal, so in order to discover how to use its powers you ought to know that in the ranks of metaphysical properties, few are as distinctive as this unique coloration form of quartz that contains trace minerals, just like Fluorite.


Purple Amethyst has been esteemed for its stunning beauty and it is a semi-precious stone, although to the ancients it was a Precious Stone worth as much as a Diamond, associated with the month dedicated to Neptune and the stone of St. Valentine, signifying ecclesiastical dignity and carrying the energy of passion and spirituality. Christian bishops wore it as jewelry, because the color was meant to symbolize an allegiance, while the Catholic clergy wore it in their crosses meaning piety and even thought that the plate of Israel was adorned with amethyst. It is the birthstone for February, one of the stones that continue to be prized today, found all over the world, but it can also be grown in laboratories, as you might imagine. It is a variety of Quartz and forms as terminated crystals in geodes and as single terminations, found in vitreous masses and personal talismans.

As a natural stress reliever, it is the perfect stone if the problem you’re struggling is anxiety or trouble making decisions, as it never has a little shut eye been so soothing as it is with a silk Amethyst Pillow with lavender and tiny crystals. The color of amethyst is purple, associated with regal bearing, a luxurious quality, and even though it’s not as expensive as many of the most precious gemstones, it creates fetching decorations which are affordable and can help to heal.


Amethyst ranges from pale red-violet to deep violet, sometimes layered with white Quartz, found in combination with Citrine or in rare cases with Goethite, and its name derives from the word ametusthos which comes from an ancient legend: the god, angry and determined to avenge decreed the first person would be devoured by his tigers, and the mortal happened to be a maiden on her way to the shrine of Diana, who sought her protection and was saved by being turned into a white crystal. One of the most well-known things involves amethyst’s power from the myth about the Roman god of wine, who was seized by remorse and in order to atone, poured his wine over the stone, staining it a deep hue, so the maiden lent her name presented in a Classical guise, although a French poet created this story.


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